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Why IF Book Promos?

You've discovered instaFreebie as a way to grow your mailing list. We love, not just for the free books, but for their mission of helping authors and readers connect and the very social way they go about it.

Some authors have organized group promotions, which feature up to two hundred books by various authors in a genre. Each author shares the group promotion’s web page. Their followers and current mailing list subscribers can visit the page to browse the covers of all the books on offer and choose the ones they wish to download.

If you don’t have an instaFreebie account yet, simply click the link to see what so many authors and readers are raving about!

There can be some drawbacks to this:

  • The pages are static
  • It’s a ton of work for the author hosting the page
  • Most group promos don’t include the book descriptions

At, books can be listed for 1-7 days at a time, and so the list of books changes every day. You can schedule group giveaways to fit your schedule. Readers who return regularly will see a refreshed list of books. The URL for the group giveaways doesn’t change; the Fantasy books can always be found at, the romance books will always be found at, and so on. Readers can feel free to bookmark the pages they’re interested in and return whenever they wish to see the list of free books on offer.

Whether you participate in an organized group event or submit your giveaway event on your own, you can host it on with ease, knowing that you'll be leveraging the combined readership of other authors, even after their group event has ended.


During the beta phase, there will be no charge. Once all the bugs are ironed out and we discover whether readers and authors find the service valuable, we may charge a nominal fee to help cover the cost of running the site.

After you enroll, you'll receive a unique referral URL to share with your current subscribers & social media followers. For each unique visitor who clicks the link, you'll earn referral points. After the beta phase has concluded, you'll be able to redeem 100 referral points for a free giveaway event.

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